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Under the general transcription banner, we transcribe any and every genre of files to include but not limited to the following:

  • Focus Groups
  • Educational Institutional Requirements
  • Classroom Lectures/Guest lectures
  • School/college projects/reports/dissertations
  • Interviews be it one-on-one or multiple speakers
  • Conferences/Teleconferences/Seminars/webinars/podcasts/Workshops
  • Manuscripts/Novels/Books
  • Police - interviews etc.
  • Lawyers - legal depositions, client meetings, letters etc.
  • Doctors - medical transcription, lectures, books or anything related to medicine
  • Radio/TV shows
  • Board meetings/annual general meetings/reports
  • Panel discussions
  • Consumer Forums
  • Telephone conversations
  • Press meetings/media
  • Trade shows/market research
  • Technical reports - especially medical and IT related
  • Insurance
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Religious/church



$ 2.25

Nishtha Quick

Delivery: 24 hours/one day
Speakers: 2-3
$ 1.50

Nishtha Standard

Delivery: 48 hours/2 days
Speakers: 2-3
$ 0.95

Nishtha Extended

Delivery: 72 hours/3 days
Speakers: 2-3
$ 0.80

Nishtha Week

Delivery: One week/7 days
Speakers: 2-3
$ 0.75

Nishtha High Volume

Delivery: based on volume
Speakers: 2-3


 Q:  Do you offer a service wherein we can pay on a monthly basis?
A:  Yes, we offer a contracted service wherein the customer signs a contract with us estimating the average monthly billing amount.  The client will then pay us 60% of the estimated amount as deposit.  The client will be billed within the first 3 days of a calendar month and will effect payment towards the invoice within 15 days of invoice date.  The deposit amount may be adjusted based upon the average monthly billing value.

Q:  How are the rates charged?
A:  The rates are per minute of audio/video.

Q:  How do I make payment?
A:  You can pay through PayPal or using your debit/credit card.  It is simple and secure.

Q:  Do you sign a Non-Disclosure agreement if required?
A:  Yes, we have a standard NDA that we use.  You too can send us your NDA and we would sign and return electronically.

Q:  Can I have access to my transcripts at a later date?
A:  Yes, we will have your transcripts on file for a period of one year from placement of order.

Q:  How do I submit my dictations?
A:  You can visit our website and upload your files.  However, if you find that your file size is too large or you have a large number of files, then you can contact us and we will set up FTP access for you to enable you to upload large sized/large number of files.  You can also send us a weblink to the file/files.

Q:  How will I know that you have received and are working on my files?
A:  You will receive an e-mail within 24 hours of sending the dictation confirming receipt and estimated return date of the transcript.

Q:  Will I be informed if there are any problems with the audio/video?
A:  Yes, you will be intimated within 24 hours of any problems with the files.

Q:  In what format will the transcripts be?
A:  Generally, we deliver the transcripts in Times New Roman font, size 12, and justified alignment.  However, we can format the files to suit your requirements.  You can send us any templates, macros, normals that you would like us to use and we will use them as appropriate.

Q:  How will I receive the transcripts?
A:  The transcripts will be e-mailed to you to the e-mail address with which you create your id the first time you use our service.

Q:  Do you offer a free trial?
A:  Yes, we can offer you a free trial of five minutes of audio/video with transcript to be returned within 3 working days.

Q:  What formats of audio/video do you accept?
A:  mp3, mp4, wma, wmv, wav, mov, MPEG, flv, dss.

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