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Nishtha Technologies is a company that offers you a variety of legal and paralegal services. Be it for law firms, Arbitrators, US State authorities, Journalists or Corporates, we take pride in serving them quickly and efficiently. In-depth experience, with a team consisting of qualified lawyers, experts in legal practice areas, operations management and quality control, assures you of accuracy, smooth workflow processes as well as security, through the use of a technology platform that is dedicated to catering to the needs of the booming outsourcing industry

We have our own team of attorneys, legal assistants, and proofreaders to take up a variety of LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) assignments, which encompass a broad spectrum of everyday legal requirements. Nishtha Technologies strives to build a long-term sustainable partnership with clients, promising efficient and easily accessible services at economical rates.

⇒  Why Nishtha
Our regular service ensures that all tasks submitted to us (either through dictation, document upload or Fax) are transcribed and sent back to you by e-mail before the start of the next work day (by 9 am or as agreed upon)
  • In-depth experience, with a team consisting of experts in legal practice areas and in operations management, quality control, technology, and information.
  • Easy accessibility and prompt service at an economical cost
  • Ability to turn over finished work quicker, being in an advantageous time zone.
  • Abundance of highly competent English-speaking resources. 
  • Conversant with common law doctrines and legal / medical terms
  • Labor cost differential advantage based on exchange rates
  • Ability to analytically interpret the laws
  • Secure, scalable, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure
  • Easy integration with existing client network set-up

⇒  Our Client-Specific 2-week Foundation Training Process focuses on the following

  • Accuracy in transcription of dictation
  • Legal writing and research specific to the Attorney
  • The use of any unique technology tools and platforms.
  • Daily evaluation of associates through rigorous quality control
  • Development of templates and manuals to suite every client’s unique requirements. 
  • Availability of pre-existing data to aid understanding and speed up delivery.

How do I receive my completed documents?
The completed documents are e-mailed directly to you. We also maintain a copy of these documents on our server for a 30 day period and you may download them at your convenience.

How do you maintain security of the information?
All users (lawyers, administrators and secretaries) can access the Nishtha server only through a secure login ID and password. This ensures that no unauthorized access is possible to our clients’ files. Additionally, our staff have restricted need based access and are recruited based on stringent interview norms and comprehensive background checks.

Note: If you have any other customized requirements that are specific to your business, please write to us at and we will be happy to call and discuss with you or reply to your mail.


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